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New York&Quintano artist Teo González opens an exhibition of recent paintings at Brian Gross Fine Art

El artista Neo Yorkino (nacido en Quinto) Teo González consigue emocionar en base a una tecnología desarrollada y explorada por él que combina miles de puntos diminutos a los que va introduciendo sutiles variaciones en tamaño e intensidad y colocación en composiciones que cautivan al espectador.

On Thursday, May 6th 2010 with a reception for the artist from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. On view will be a group of new minimalist paintings, which González achieved by methodically painting thousands of tiny dots in loosely gridded arrangements. Subtle variations in the size, density, and placement of the forms result in shifting, dynamic compositions that engage and captivate the viewer.

The paintings on view present a new direction in González’s working method. Previously, the artist applied paint to the canvas in tiny droplets using an emulsion that forces the pigment to the outer edge as it dries. Left behind were ghost-like traces that call to mind various natural forms, such as cells, stars, eyes, eggs, and molecules. In his new works, González mimics the residual forms by painting the shapes directly instead of using droplets—eliminating the element of chance inherent in the dropping method and giving the artist greater control of the creative process. The result is vacillating abstract fields that are at once meticulously precise and rhythmically organic, possessing a vital energy that gives them a life of their own.

Teo González was born in Quinto Zaragoza, Spain in 1964. He received his BFA from California State University, Bakersfield, and currently lives in New York City. His work can be found in the public collections of the Achenbach Foundation at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York, the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. and the San Diego Museum of Art. This is González’s eighth solo show with Brian Gross Fine Art.

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